Forum Thread: Mod Your Xbox to Play Copies!

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I'm not really interested in the backup part, but everything that is before!

Which is the technique used? Do you binary patch or decompile in a readable language? How does the firmware work? That would be awesome, the more you know!

I heard is even possible to mod games, right? Do you know anything as well?


for mods in games you need a jtag.

i am just writing a book on backing up games to disc.
this is very simple but it requires a few tools.

it is much easier than you think.
it involves opening your xbox and connect the dvd drive to your computer.
free software to write the custom firmware to your dvd drive.
then use verbatim dvd+R DL discs to burn games with imgburn.

Thank you so much! Looking forward to... is this a PDF or what?

i will make it a pdf.
or i can just copy and paste it onto here.
seems easier.

Wondering, is the file ready yet? we are waiting for it....a copy here or a pdf.
thanks in advance

so you need to mod the 360 to play copied games?

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