Forum Thread: Would you recommend a Xbox or PS3?

I was going to get a Xbox 360 but then I started thinking about ps3's. Both have pros and cons but which one would you personally recommend?

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Well,depends on what kind of games you like.There are a lot of games to choose from.For PS3;Little big planet,Ratchet and Clank,Mortal Kombat,Final Fantasy,etc.And For Xbox 360;Mortal Combat,Halo,COD mw3,gears,etc.I hope you find my comment helpful.

Thanks. I like games like Halo and COD. But don't you have to pay per month for Xbox live?

Well,that depends.For Gold,you would have to pay.Unless you get a 1 MONTH Free Membership,then u still have to pay.Which because Xbox LIVE NEVER freezes,and it has great service.For PS3 though,PSN is free.But not TOO good service.The Network at least freezes a bunch of times.So its worth it.You pay for what u get.So if you like Internet,I would suggest you should buy an Xbox 360.Plus the fact that you like Halo and COD.

Thank you for answering so quickly! I just have one more question how much is gold and normal membership (after the free trial)?

Okay,so the normal membership is mostly free bundled.Once You GET The MEMBERSHIP,you can enjoy a lot of apps.Also,when you REGISTER your Xbox 360 system,I think you also get ANOTHER 1 MONTH free MEMBERSHIP.But you don't NEED to have gold.You can just do it basic.But with Gold, you get more apps and more fun.But Gold doesn't just do EVERYTHING.For stuff like music , Xbox video ,and Movies,you need to actually pay.So basically,i'm recommending an Xbox 360.I hope u understood everything,and if u don't, just ask me.

Thank you for the info! I have decided to get a Xbox.

just thought I'd mention that if you have family members that would also like Xbox live Gold, you can get a family pack for it. It costs a little less than twice as much as a single Gold membership, but you get 4 accounts.

Well,what if u have OVER four people in your family?

than you're spending a LOT of money on xbox live memberships... you'll have to buy singles or another family pack after that.

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