How To: Access your Xbox 360 hard drive

Access your Xbox 360 hard drive

In this Video Games video tutorial you will learn how to access your Xbox 360 hard drive. You need four tools for this. They are an exacto knife, T6 torque wrench, T10 torque wrench and a small fly head screwdriver. With the exacto knife cut a hole in the sticker as shown in the video so that you have access to the screw underneath it. Remove the 4 screws with the T6. Pull out the back, with the screwdriver pop up the two clips on top and remove the back. Now remove the 4 screws with the T10. Go ahead and remove the shield. Now pry open the hard disk holder as shown in the video, it is held together with a tape. You can then slide the hard drive out. You now have full access to your hard drive.

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