How To: Take Apart & Clean an Xbox 360 Power Supply

Take Apart & Clean an Xbox 360 Power Supply

YouTuber xCrAnKsHoTx teaches you how to take a apart an Xbox 360 power supply, aka power brick, in order to clean it. This could help prevent any red light issues, or overheating in the long run, so it's good to do as maintenance every year or two to remove all the dust in there.

You start by taking out the small rubber feet at the bottom of the power supply. Use a drill to make holes in the plastic caps covering the screws. Then use a screwdriver to remove them on all sides. (You can also pry them off with a knife if you want.)

Then pull on each side to get the power supply open. Inside you will find white looking cream, which is electrical grease. Remove the screws on the pieces of metal inside. The fan has another plastic cover on top so remove that as well. The fan itself has only two screws that you need to take out. Finally, you can blow on it or use a brush to clean it.

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