How To: Burn Xbox 360 game ISOs to a dual-layer DVD

Burn Xbox 360 game ISOs to a dual-layer DVD

In this how-to video, you will learn how to burn game ISO's for the Xbox 360. It is important that it is only legal to back up the games that you already own. You will need the Image Burn program. Open it and click Write Image File to Disk. Next, click browse for file and look for the .DVD file. Go to tools and settings. Click the Write tab and go to sectors and make sure the number is 1913760. Check the ISO file and open it with notepad to check if the layer break number is also that number. Place the dual layer DVD in the drive. Double check everything and change the write speed to 2x. The slower settings are safer. Once everything is ready, click Write. Once done, the tray will eject. Verify the DVD. Once it is done, you can use the DVD.

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is LO number a constant value for all iso files?

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