How To: Complete the quest "Come Fly With Me" in Fallout: New Vegas

Complete the quest "Come Fly With Me" in Fallout: New Vegas

Come Fly With Me is a quest that you get in Fallout New Vegas after speaking with Manny in the search for the man who shot you, Benny. He needs you to go check out the old ReppConn headquarters to get rid of some of the Ghouls nesting over there. What you find, well, that's a whole other story! Having trouble completing the quest? Check out this video for a full walkthrough of the entire quest! Just be sure to watch your back!

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I killed the lady at Gibson scrap yard :S Is it still possible for me to complete the quest?

lol wow =) you must be a player that really likes to kill things huh?? oo and to answer your question i don't think there is another place to get the control modules.. meaning i've checked the strat guide && i haven't come across it yet =) but good luck to you on that one.. hope you find one. =)

After killing lady gibson, make sure to loot her corpse for her key, which opens the locked metal box in the garage. The control modules are inside the box, lmfao

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