How To: Completely disassemble Microsoft's new Kinect for Xbox 360

Completely disassemble Microsoft's new Kinect for Xbox 360

Microsoft's Kinect is gaining popularity with Xbox 360 owners, but what's really more fun? Playing games with this revolutionary hands-free gaming device or gutting the sucker to see what it's all about? We'll take the latter choice.

If you're interested in taking apart your new Kinect for Xbox 360, this video from iFixit will show you the complete teardown procedure. It's relatively easy to disassemble, with few challenges, as long as you have the right tools. For a more detailed teardown guide, visit iFixit's official Microsoft Kinect Teardown (a community repair manual), complete with step-by-step instructions, detailed photos and handy tips.

Here are the tools you're going to need:

* 5mm Nut Driver
* Heat gun or hair dryer
* Metal Spudger
* Phillips #0 Screwdriver
* Spudger
* T6 Torx Screwdriver
* T10 Torx Screwdriver
* T10 Torx Security Bit Screwdriver

If you're not interested in tearing down your brand new Kinect for Xbox 360, and would rather like to learn how to use it or set it up, then check out our other Kinect tutorials on WHT.

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