How To: Connect an Xbox 360 or PS3 to the Internet with MS XP

Connect an Xbox 360 or PS3 to the Internet with MS XP

The future is now, which means you can do crazy things like connect to the world wide web through your Xbox 360 and PS3. Cool, right? Definitely. But before you start surfing the Internet you'll need to adjust the settings on both your computer and gaming console. This instructional video tutorial demonstrates the process and offers helpful user tips in setting up an Internet connection on your video game system using Microsoft Windows XP.

1. open network connections by right clicking on your wireless icon in the tray or clicking on start, then connect to show all connections.
2. Highlight both your ethernet and wireless connections. Right click and choose bridge connections.
3. WAIT....
4. Open command prompt and type in "netsh bridge show adapter" with out the quotes. Find which number your wireless connection has in front of it and type "netsh bridge set adapter (what ever your number is) enable.
5. Connect an ethernet cable to your computer and your system of choice and enjoy.

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