How To: Copy & burn xBox 360 games perfectly every time

Copy & burn xBox 360 games perfectly every time

Want free Xbox 360 games? Well, join the club. But you can actually do something about it and download and burn Xbox 360 games with a few programs and a little knowhow. If you want the keys to the Xbox kingdom, just watch this video tutorial that shows you how to burn Xbox 360 games perfectly every time. This only works for the Windows Vista OS and works more smoothly if you have a great DVD burner.

You will need to use these free programs:

The Pirate Bay

And you will need this pay program (relatively cheap, at least in terms of how much money you will save!):

Cookies Game Burner for Xbox 360

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do you have to modify your xbox 360 at all for this? also, can you download Cookie's from IsoHunt or The Pirate Bay or other sources?

The guy in the video conveniently forgets to tell you that you must also mod your xbox. I guess he want you to buy his burning software.

You don't need Cookie's Game Burner, you can use other ISO burning software, but you can download Cookie's from any torrent site.

yes u can download from torrent sites

how much in us dollars is the cookiesgameburner software? e-mail me at thanks and have a good day...

btw to my knowledge this is useless unless you modify your xbox 360... which can get you banned quite easily

is this a stealth burn or what?

Good video, although i'm not sure if this is to burn the games stealth of what, maybe you should include that. If you make another video about burning 360 games please email the link to me at:

is there anyway you can send the cookies game burner to me....

Have you tried bittorrent, like the video suggested? lol

I have seen other videos and I use ImgBurn , Ive had alot of errors so that why I started looking for another way of burning 360 games Thank you for the video but the videos Ive seen, people use Imgburn and have their speed at 2.4x , what speed do you think I should try.

hello . good video :) could you please send me cookie games burner file as i dont realy want to pay for it. thanks

what type of cds do you need???? thanks

dvd dual layers, verbatim being a brand that fails less than others =D

I did exactly what you did and my xbox won't play the game. Do i need to flash the xbox?

yea can you tell me where i can get my xbox mod in new zealand please

it dont works.I have done al you told.I can burn it, but if i put it in my xbox 360 i get a screen with just the logo of xbox 360
pls help my

do you need to download it from piratebay?

after burning 3 as you have stated, i have inserted the discs into my xbox and it states to please install into an xbox 360. umm i know i have one, its sitting on my tv stand :))

can i get the cookies game burner file sent to me don't want 2 pay. thxs

Can u send me the cookies game burner file wud be appreciated

from what i am reading thruought the internet, i believe your xbox or wii etc. has to be chipped. so i dunno. good luck to all.

everyone, from what i know, your xbox 360 needs to be modded before it'll read these burnt games... i can't tell you how to mod it b/c my friends did it for me >.>

also, i have heard that if you play on xbox live w/ a modded 360, there is a chance that they block/ban you probably based on ip addresses but not sure... just know that it's possible to be blocked/banned...

news article about microsoft banning modded system 360 live accounts:

do you have to use the cookiesgameburner software? or do you know of any other type of burner? i use Nero 8 to burn cd's and dvd's. please email me at

can anyone send me the cookiesgameburner file sent to me i dont wanna pay and would be greaty appreciated

can anyone send me the cookiesgameburner file sent to me i dont wanna pay and would be greaty appreciated my email is

It's only £10, you cheap bastard. If you want it, buy it.

could you send me the cookiesgameburner file i would appreciate not having to pay for it.

do you need to modify your xbox to use these and can you use them on xbox live?

I did what u said, and when i put the DVD dual layer in my x box i just get a white screen with the logo of x box. do i have to mod my x box or flash it? plzz help Ty :)))

oh i forgot to put my e-mail its plzzz help me

download the burning software for free here

I learned about the way for burning the Xbox 360 games from:
I use the method recommended there to backup all my Xbox 360games.

i keep getting a wrong region code error from my burnt games and i know they are. im bought my console in canada and im burning ntsc code files. this is correct right?

That depends on where you're from. NTSC, Region 1 is correct if you're in the US.

why don't people just save up for a damn game? or maybe rent one? or borrow one? why all this complicated crap?

I agree with you. But the world is full of cheap people. They are not poor, poor people can't afford XBOX or PC or Internet. They have the money to pay, they are just jews. mean and tight fisted. Sad, and they are asking for the game burner for free too, soooo cheap!

Jason your a racist and why do you care anyway . Ask questions or help out or shut the hell up .

#$%@ you jason the only cheap human being here is you you you racist mfckr!!!

does anyone know how to play backed up games without modding your xbox?

hey everyone i got my xbox from the gulf and its modded got ten copy games free .... just needed to know if i download and burn will it work on my xbox pls help... anyone ....also what does flash,stealth mean ?

whats the password to the files after we down load them?

Generally these types of processes require a modded Xbox 360. Worth it though in my opinion.

hi everyone, i wanna know if i really have to mod or flash my xbox360 to play copied/burned xbox360 games, cause personnaly i dont give a !@#$% being banned from xboxLive cause none of my friends use xboxlive so ... i wanna know if it works without modding or flashing my xbox360 console , thanks everyone 4 ur time and MY SPECIAL THANKS TO ANYONE WHO ANSWER ME / HELP ME

passwprd to the files? no this is not warez #$%@ tards lolololol this is pirate bill little guy... and hey there is a way without flashing your drive i just anit found it yet but i will ... and if you dont except the update when your playing the game you wont get banned so just dont play the game online or go and RENT the game first then update it with that copy then take it back to the store and play your burned copy and voila <did i spell that right? anyone? you are playing the game and that only from my logical point pf view thanks ...Dustin Blades

i did everything you said got to the part were you open the game file and double click one of the files with the winwar book thing and it say i have the iso but no dvd file

you need to run the iso file through a programme called xbox360 gui first,then go back to winrar and the dvd file will be there ok


I noticed that while watching the video that the interface on the cookies game burner looked very familiar. And then it hit me, it looked like DVD Decrypter software. After further review it is indeed one in the same. You can download DVD Decrypter from the VideoHelp site for free....Enjoy!

mod flash then burn and play, do it all the time, also case mods and light mods: 07591476367

omfg of course u need ya xbox modded to play copies DUH, as for being banned try using abgx360 to stealth the game, if its a prereleased game dont play online till the game is released in shops. To people who say ur get banned u dont know #$%@!!!!!

hi there i downloaded lord of the rings but cannot seem to find the .iso or .dvd file i opened every file but there is no .iso or .dvd help please

One thing that aint mentioned in this conversation is you ALSO NEED A DUAL LAZER OR DUAL BURNING DISK DRIVE AND DISKS. I believe is this true i any one could clear this up I be greatfull thanks.

1 more thing REMEMBER IF YOU GET BANNED FROM XBOX LIVE ITS NOT JUS GAMES YOU ALSO CANT ACCESS ANY OF THE APPS LIKE YOU TUBE NETFLIX ETC (Ooops caps on sorry using my phone to type ) so is it worth it you got to think

i can play burning games in original softwaer or i have to do it multy plz help me

plz tell me after burn it works only in original version or multi version

How do I burn xbox360 games (like NBA Yk13) that are more than 8 gb

hi every one thanx for uploading and ur comments



ISO Burner + verbatim DL Disc = Xbox game .

first u will have to hack your xbox on a shop then buy a hardisk download games and store in a hard disk then connect the hard disk with xbox 360 and play the games

sorry to sound harsh when i say this but u people are making me lol like mad what this idiot forgot to mention was u need ur 360 drive flashed before u can use the games ur burning so without doing so ur just collecting games that u cant even use

I have Xbox one can I do this same way

when you burn Xbox 360 games to a DVD, don't you have to have a dual layer DVD burner installed on the inside of your computer in order for it to work? And don't you also have to verify the games first, then patch them so that you won't get banned from Xbox live? If anyone knows the answer to this question, then please email me with your name and response to my question.

uhmm....can i download games from xbox live with my modded xbox 360 s ..........will i get banned if i do that??........please i need urgent replies ASAP

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