How To: Defeat the Corrupted in Prince of Persia (2008)

Defeat the Corrupted in Prince of Persia (2008)

If you're having difficulty dispatching any of the Corrupted from 2008's Prince of Persia, this helpful battle guide from IGN might be just what you need. If forewarned is forearmed, this video tutorial will arm you to the teeth with the necessary knowledge to beat each of Ahriman's four lieutenants – the Hunter, Warrior, Alchemist & Concubine.

The Hunter has three different stances that you should pay attention to: When he launches Tentacles of Corruption at you, don't hit him with normal sword swings; send Elika at him. His second stance is a defensive Shield of Corruption. Use gauntlet attacks to break this. If you try to use Elika here, she'll get knocked out. When the hunters start to glow blue, use normal sword attacks. As a general tip, use your block button constantly to deflect most attacks.

The Warrior is a little trickier. He can't be hurt by normal means so you'll need to focus on outsmarting him. The key is to use the environment against him. Try to lead him near edges of a platform and perform an acrobatic move to get behind him.

With the Alchemist, work your combat combos to keep him in the middle of the arena, away from the Corruption. Use a few normal attacks first, jump behind him and then keep the combo of attacks going from the rear. You'll move around him faster if you hold block.

The Concubine is the last of the bosses you'll encounter. Her fight mainly revolves around evading her attacks through quick-time events. Be careful with your block button; the quick-time events happen way faster than events with previous bosses. The Concubine will cast annoying spells that make you walk backwards. Don't let this faze you; just concentrate on the QTEs.

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