How To: Do the "Out of Vans Skate Park" glitch in THAW

Do the "Out of Vans Skate Park" glitch in THAW

In this tutorial, we learn how to do the "Out of Vans Skate Park" glitch in THAW. First, turn on low gravity, then head to the hallway that leads into the skate park. Sticker slap to climb the fence, then find the area behind the fence and behind the black and yellow tape. Use a super jump to get out of this area, or walk around it until you find a wall that you can walk through. Once you find this, get on your board and ride to the balcony above you. Now, press 'x' to get on your board, and you will ride an invisible board until you reach the bottom area of the building. After this, you will be ready to rack up points and continue skating.

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