How To: Do the True Identity achievement in Rainbow Six: Vegas

Do the True Identity achievement in Rainbow Six: Vegas

This process requires XBox2 live with vision camera. We are going to create a character. First, you go to multiplayer mode, options and then choose character creation. If you haven't created a character, you will start from scratch here. If you have created a character previously, you will make some adjustments to the character for this presentation. Now, go to player information and then service record. As the program already has a character, we are going to change the appearance of the character we have. This process will erase the character, but we won't lose the experience. However, we will lose all the customization that we built into the character. We're going to create a male. Choose face at the bottom of the page which will activate the live vision camera. We do a face scan. First, we do full front, then left and finally looking right. Accept.

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