How To: Earn the "Heartbreaker" Achievement in BioShock: Infinite

Earn the "Heartbreaker" Achievement in BioShock: Infinite

We have another BioShock: Infinite achievement tip for you. This achievement (aka trophy for the PS3ers out there) is called Heartbreaker, and requires you to kill and Handyman by only shooting at its heart.

If you haven't encountered a Handyman yet, take a look at just how much work went into creating these badass baddies.

As you can see, the heart is located at the very center of the Handyman's body. For the achievement/trophy, simply shoot at the heart—and nothing but the heart—until the handyman finally goes down.

Check out this short video walkthrough on how to unlock the "Heartbreaker" achievement from Intimidate Gaming, and try not getting hit as much as this guy does.

Click here for more achievements/trophies for BioShock: Infinite.

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