How To: Find the Fallout 3 XP Glitch cheat

Find the Fallout 3 XP Glitch cheat

From the Fallout 3 SuperGuide on MyCheats. MyCheats staff writer Mike Nelson talks about his favorite exploits and tricks in Fallout 3.

MyCheats shows how you can manipulate the game?s difficulty while in-game, to score higher XP against enemies in Fallout 3, the third game in the cult role-playing game set in the near future after a devastating nuclear war. Developed and published by Bethesda for PC, 360, and PS3.

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how but just weaken them on very easy, then change to very hard and finish em off
much easier

It's not a glitch or anything. It's supposed to be like that.
Same thing in TES:Oblivion.

dude, no offense or anything but thats pretty basic

the same thing works for hacking and lock picking. You get WAY more experience than before. Anybody else notice that fallout 3 is like Bioshock mixed with Oblivion?

Did you ever notice how all games that hit goty are usually copies of other more successful games and have minor improvements who cares. You wanna see a game that looks like another game play anything involving a football now thats a joke.

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