How To: Find the Sunset House by Mourningwood in Fable 3

Find the Sunset House by Mourningwood in Fable 3

Trying to get to the Sunset House region in Fable 3? It's one of the coolest environments in the game, a bonus house, which take some puzzle solving skills to unlock. The Sunset House is a really difficult find and only becomes available after you have become King or Queen in Fable 3. You must travel from Mourningwood to locate it, but if you're having trouble, this video walkthrough will guide you to the exact location of the Sunset House. It's the same for all platforms— PS3, PC and Xbox 360.

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tnx a bunch SJNxMediaxNetworks, I've been looking for the sunset house for about a month. and tnx to ur help, i found it.

thanks gotta try this out

That moment I'm not even King and I'm already able to enter it, You just have to be king or Queen for the door there.

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