How To: Find the "wall climb with car" glitch in Saints Row

Find the "wall climb with car" glitch in Saints Row

Glitches are everywhere in the video game world, and you can call them what you want... glitches, cheats, cheat codes, hints, secrets or tips. In order to find a glitch, you have to keep your eyes open or follow a recommendation from a gaming friend. Either way, to catch a secret glitch, you need to be ready; the cheats for the taking, whether a weapon or secret passageway, so take it, before it gets patched.

This video will show you a glitch from the video game Saints Row for the Xbox 360 console. See how to find the "wall climb with car" glitch in Saints Row. With this glitch, you can climb walls higher than you've ever done before. You just have to drive up the wall and wait until the perfect spot, the spot where you jump out and hang on for your life as your vehicle falls.

Saints Row is an action-adventure video game exclusively for Xbox 360, similar to Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. It takes place in the fictional city of Stilwater. The city is plagued by urban violence between four rival gangs, including the 3rd Street Saints. Your character, caught in the middle of the violence, is quickly enlisted into the Saints and helps the gang defeat the others and take control of Stilwater themselves.

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