How To: Fix a circular scratch on an XBox game

Fix a circular scratch on an XBox game

A common XBox problem is a malfunction that causes a circular groove in your CDs and games. In this tutorial, learn how to fix that horrible circular scratch at home, and hopefully play your game normally again. This fix could save you a bunch of money, since Microsoft won't replace any damaged discs. This video will show you an easy way to fix this annoying problem.

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i have a rare game that i cant rent what do i do

Step 1: Supplies Cotton Ball,Scratched Disk,Liquid Car Wax,Windex,Eye Glass Cloth

Step 2: Spray Windex on Cd and Rub with Cotton Ball Repeat 2 Times

Step 3: Wipe Off Cd with Eye Glass Cloth Till Dry

Step 4: Apply Liquid Car Wax and Scrub with Cotton Ball Do This 3 Times

Step 5: Make Sure to Scrub Till Most Wax Is Off

Step 6: Wash Off Under the Sink

Step 7: Wipe Dry with Eye Glass Cloth

Step 8: Stick into Xbox Tray and Have a Fun Time Playing Your Fixed Game.

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