How To: Fix the red ring of death on an Xbox 360

Fix the red ring of death on an Xbox 360

This is a video tutorial on how to fix the red ring of death on an Xbox 360 WARNING: Opening a Xbox 360 will void warranty. So this how-to video should really be your last resort on modifying your XBox.

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im going to try this thanks


Hello frustrated Xbox fans. I have the proper solution to fixing your Xbox 360 without the use of towels which does not actually "fix" the problem. You can literally be playing your games again in 30 minutes!

Click on this link to find out how to fix your own Xbox 360 without ever having to contact Microsoft. You can even buy broken 360's for cheap, mend them and sell them on for twice the price! Click here to find out how...

im only 13 ive got a way easier trick just wrap ur xbox in a towel for 30 mins while its on with av cable in aswell then u unplug it from the mains leave a min then it werks

This is the same way I fix them in my shop. Awesome.

is the arctic clean stuff optional as in u could use it in place of the rubbing alcohol

oh yeah and can u get the new bolts or screws or whatever they r anywhere else

Great tutorial and beautiful presenter!

Only one thing is not perfect is music, sometimes its better to keep it quiet.

awesome, now I know were to go incase my 360 goes out. she's not bad looking.

What size are the screws??

bow chicka bow wow!!

sweet, mine hasn't red ringed yet

Whats with the Hand sign at the bottom of the
Tv screen?

so i did all this except the Artic Silver thermal stuff and mine showed the 2 red lights immediately and still does even without the heat sinks on it so if i put the artic silver stuff will that fix it?

you need the arctic silver or a similar compound. It lubricates the hardware and allows them not to get crazy hot and and #$%@ the hardware up. It may fix it if you disassemble it again and apply the lubricant but you may have screwed your processor up by running it without it. So u might be hosed, I would suggest sending it to microsoft if you cant get it working again. Be sure to put everything back the exact way u took it out originally so that they dont void the console because u took it apart yourself.

yeah luckily i didnt fry it but i got the AS5 and put it on and it works fine now., thanks.

Nice video BUT Microsoft still offers a warranty on the red ring issue EVEN IF your original warranty is void. So unless you dont want to wait 2 weeks to have a new one I would suggest this if and only if you have a steady hand and are decent with electronics otherwise just send your #$%@ in and have a new one sent out to u. OHHHH and that chick is smokin!!!!!!

I'm curious, I'm i'm computer techy, an why not use the old hardware? buying parts off another site seems like a money gimick to me, the old hard ware that was on there seemed to fine and work fine to me, i've got hours on top of hours on my 360, but this vid is deffinitly great help thank you

and yes also what is that sign on the tv screen at the end of the video when your powering up the 360?

well i did this but mine still continues to get 3 rings at random itll work a few times then the next time i turn it on it does it. any solutions??

One of the best tutorials i saw online
though she forgot that you DO need to put the arctic silver (new) before connecting the heat sinks, or there will be no efficient thermo-conductivity.

Great work !
(Tested and verified)

I just did this fix and it works. The washers and machine screws can be found at Lowes and Home Depot. Don't worry about the product number , just the type and size of washers and screws. I used the Arthic Silver; got it at Radio Shack for 10 dollars. Follow the directions exactly and your xbox will not longer have the rings of death. By the way, this is the first time I ever took apart a computer to this degree.

You should also add that this gpu fix not only fixes the "red ring of death" but what is also known as the "black screen of death" or simplified explanation is you hear audio but see not video. Thanks so much followed your instructions and it worked perfectly. You guys saved me $100.00 thanks again.

well it had me scared there for a moment. I did the initial reassembly andt turnedit on looking for the two red lights but got 3. Yikes! Tihtened and reassembled think what the heck what have I got to loose. After full reassembly I plugged it back in and joila it worked like a charm. I'm streaming netflix and loving your fix thanks

Ring of death xbox fix is also discussed in this article for those of us who are out of warranty.

how long do u have to wait for the xbox to heat up?

i haven't goten the red ring because i got a ps3 heheheheheehe nananana!!

yeah but i have both, and maybe i have had to fix my xbox 360 on multiple occasions, but it is still better than the ps3, having a jtagged 360 is way better then a ps3. I am in the process of attempting to modify my ps3, and I wonder if it will be anywhere as cool as the 360.

This totally worked.. To be instructed by suck a cute and skilled chick was absolutely worth it.. Thanks a million.. My son thanks you too... Have the best 2010. kisses

Note to all who see this. It does work, but only for a short time. Eventually it will overheat again, and again. I ended up doing this over and over until I was really stressed out. I ended up with a chip in the cpu that was hardly noticeable and I think it was from the constant overheating. This shouldn't be news, but they have fixed the problem finally with the Jasper configuration so you have two choices: trade your old one in for a new arcade with the Jasper chips or keep sending it to Microsoft to be refurbed. And if you're really paranoid about it, purchase a replacement warranty at bestbuy when you buy a new one. Peace of mind is certainly worth it's weight in gold. After the time I spent trying to fix mine, I'd rather just buy the added "insurance." The experience is definitely worth it. But definitely a nice video none the less.

hey it worked for us. thanks alot

This is awesome, I'll be trying this out on my bf's xbox system, if he lets me. Respect to you chica for being a girl who likes to get down into the hardware, and with done nails to boot

how long does this fix work?

Hello I see that you have some useful tips on fixing Xbox 360 in here. Ahm, I would just like to add more of the information about fixing Xbox 360.

#1 tip to avoid Xbox red ring of death is to prevent Xbox overheating.
#2 never try to re-solder Xbox your own unless you are knowledgeable at it or you have a repair guide with you.
#3 Don't wrap the damaged Xbox 360 console with a bath towel, it will not do good to your Xbox.

For a detailed instruction about fixing Xbox 360 problems, you can look at this resource -- Ste by step guide on fixing Xbox 360 errors. Just sharing to also contribute helpful information to Xbox lovers like me.

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