How To: Fix the Xbox 360 open tray error

Fix the Xbox 360 open tray error

In this video we learn how to fix the Xbox 360 open tray error. First, open the console up and find the laser power. There are two screws around this laser that need to be changed. The left one should be screwed up a slight amount until it's slightly lifted. Once it's lifted, put your entire console back together. Once it's back together, you will notice that the open tray error stops coming up on your screen. You may also need to place something inside of the screw so it stays slightly up. Enjoy using your game console and fix this if you get the same problem again.

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And since you now have your drive open why not leave it accessible so that you can 'hot swap' games that are installed on your hard drive. Just play the game from the hard drive after installing and swap the disc to the another console after it finishes it verification process and stops spinning. In addition this have saved me a few times when I've taken my console to a friends & mistakenly left my copy of the game at home.

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