How To: Get full knight armor in Dead Rising 2

Get full knight armor in Dead Rising 2

Let's face it, there is nothing more badass than killing zombies in a mall with a little girl's tricycle wearing the full plate mail of a medieval knight. This video will show you how to set that up in Dead Rising 2 by getting all of the four pieces of the knight armor, which will together half all the damage you receive. Well, it shows you an awesome demo of the scene I described above, but to get the pieces simply do the following:

Knight's Armor: Successfully complete the game with an "S" rank.

Knight's Boots: Purchase for $2 million from "Moe's Migitations" on the Platinum Strip.

Ghosts 'n Goblins Beard: In the rear of the "Wave Of Style" hairdresser's shop in Royal Flush Plaza.

Knight's Helmet: Rescue Jack in the "Meet The Family" mission, and defeat him in a game of poker in the "Ante? Up" case

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