How To: Get the Motormaster achievement in Transformers: WFC

Get the Motormaster achievement in Transformers: WFC

If you're a huge Transformers fan who has been waiting for a game that captures the essence of the popular franchise, then Transformers: War for Cybertron may be it. The game takes place many years before either Autobot or Decepticon take one step on planet Earth and it tells the story of what went on during the war on Cybertron. It's a shooter game that is able to integrate the ability to transform very well.

In this tutorial, you'll be going after one of the achievements that can be found in Chapter IV of the Decepticon story at checkpoint 8. It's called Motormaster and you must race across a bridge in 33 seconds. The best character to use is Soundwave, since he does have the ability to boost. So good luck and enjoy!

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