How To: Get rapid fire for an XBox 360 controller

Get rapid fire for an XBox 360 controller

In this video you will learn how to mod your Xbox 360 so that it will have rapid fire. He notes that the control he uses is a TP3 controller, you can tell if you have a TP3 controller by opening up you battery pack and on the bottom left on the micro chip it says TP3. He doesn't know if this tutorial will work for any other controllers. The materials you will need are a mini flat head screwdriver and a wire with two ends (as well as the controller of course). Then you take apart your control apply the changes to the controller that you're needed to mod it using your wire then you're controller should be good to go. He says to not be discouraged as the first time he did this it didn't work however the second time it did. After following the necessary steps your controller will be modded and you will now have a rapid fire button on your controller.

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