How To: Get super high XP in Modern Warfare 2

Get super high XP in Modern Warfare 2

Get super high XP in Modern Warfare 2This tutorial is about winning the Modern Warfare game. There is no nuke boosting and no cheating. You need 6 people to follow you. Killergod23 introduced this technique. Set your killsteaks to predator missile, harrier strike and chopper gunner or AC130 to maximized kills and your XP. Unlock these first for high XP. You have 2 minutes before you have to bomb. Wait until one minute is left before you plant the bomb. Planting at one minute will extend the time. Continue killing. Ignore their bomb setting. Push hard. When the time goes down, then we plant the bomb to win. It's about extending the time. Throw the second round because it makes the other team think they have a chance of beating you. Allow them to play ahead one. Again, kill until there is one minute. Win the last round. Always meet the objective for each round. It's easy to get high XP on this one.

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