How To: Glitch in to a secret room in Fable 3

Glitch in to a secret room in Fable 3

Fable 3 has not been out for very long and had a massive budget, but of course there are still hidden areas in the 3D modeling that you can glitch into. Watch this video to learn how to glitch in to a useless but pretty secret room in one of the game's many caverns.

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Hey, thanks! That was a perfect tutorial in how to get in the glitch room. You give great instructions. I went to my game settings and turned my brightness up all the way so I could see around in the secret room. Like you said, nothing in there, the only kool thing was when I hit my B button and stormed up some magic bones started flying everywhere and then disappeared again. Kool though to find the room. Nice score dude ;-).

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