How To: Increase Your Xbox 360 WiFi range

Increase Your Xbox 360 WiFi range

Need to use your XBox 360 as a wireless router to tether your other digital devices? While tethering itself is pretty much to the point, what about being able to tether from further distances than ever before? You can actually increase the WiFi range of your XBox 360 by making a few tweaks.

Check out this hack video to learn how to make a directional antenna to improve your XBox's WiFi range. The antenna will reduce ping times.

You'll need:
1) Roll of clear tape
2) Aluminum Foil
3) Empty chip bag
4) Spork

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im having some problems with it it just lowers the sig now

ya, it does not work, your a retard. really, it just lowers and blocks the signal.

LAUGH OUT LOUD of course it wouldnt work have you ever tried to tune in a portable radio inside a car you have to put it next to the window because the metal of the car blocks the signal DUH

Yeah, nigga this worked. Nice video.

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