How To: Install XBox 360 memory unit drivers on your PC

Install XBox 360 memory unit drivers on your PC

The XBox 360 memory units were never very popular and have become even less so since Microsoft enabled the use of flashdrives with the XBox in the last firmware update. If you haven't updated your firmware or still want to make use of your memory units for modding, this video will teach you how to install drivers for your memory units on a PC so that they can access them and you can modify the contained data however you see fit.

You can download the drivers here, here, or here.

You will also need an Xport 360 peripheral, which you can find on eBay or other online stores, shop around.

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I can't do it & all the software links you have to pay for don't have any free links?

i connect a x box hard drive 250 gb on pc but no showing drive

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