How To: Make a James Bond avatar on the Xbox 360

Make a James Bond avatar on the Xbox 360

SomeFamousProduction here has come with a new avatar of James Bond on Xbox. First we start off with his hair. Well, we need to keep it simple, yet spy-like and somewhat blackish in color, not too light, neither too dark. Next we move to the chin or jaw. Keep it sharp but not protruding. Lips can be curvy but not too fancy, because James Bond seldom smiles. The nose can be a bit tapering at the end, again not too fancy and loud, more spy-like if you ask me. Next are the eyebrows, you can keep them a bit curvy; you know kind of a suspicious look he always gives everyone. Eyes do not as such matter much because we are going to hide them with sunglasses. You can give a bit of a goatee, same color as the hair. James Bond usually doesn't have much of facial hair. Next we move to the shoes, a kind of black rough type shoes, casual yet gives a formal look when needed. The clothes are the next focus. Clothes have to be black with tuxes. James Bond usually wears a black suit with tuxes. Well, that's it I guess. Just check your James Bond guys, isn't he your favorite spy?

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