How To: Make a lag switch for the XBox 360 & PS3 game consoles

Make a lag switch for the XBox 360 & PS3 game consoles

This video gives you the lowdown on making a lag switch for gaming. But why would you want a lag switch? What is a lag switch?

Well, it's a mechanism that lets you insert delays into the traffic flow of your internet connection. When you switch on the lag, a timer starts, lasting for a few seconds, blocking the traffic between the gaming device (ex. Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3) and your web connection. During live online gameplay, you'll appear to others as frozen in battle, when in fact your gunning down some unsuspecting player. After the timers stops, your opponents will see all of your actions in a sudden burst of motion. In other words—a "what the f**k" moment.

Yes, it's cheating. But if you suck, it's important. So, if you want a little lag in your online gameplay, watch this tutorial and build your own lag switch device.

After you have made it and tried it out, you may experience some problems. If you flip the switch and automatically get disconnected, try:

1. Setup an internet connection on your device.
2. Pick a wired connection.
3. Pick "manual". Picking "easy" will waste time.
4. Enter your IP info.
5. Pick "10base-T Half Duplex" as the Ethernet type.
6. Keep MTU at 1500.
7. Disable everything except UPnP—leave it enabled.
8. Test the connection.
9. Done. Should be good now.

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Do you suck that much that you have to make a homemade lag switch??? I hope you know that your dumbass home video is ruining the game for people who don't cheat. Eventually people will stop buying these kind of games because of #$%@!+*s like you. STOP CHEATING and play the game the way its supoose to be dickhead. I hope your account gets banned.

Content shows cheating and is helping players ruin the game

My friends and I always wondered how some players seem to have super human reactions in black ops, never made sense till I googled and found your video. Now I know, YOU SUCK that bad where you have to cheat to get my kind of kill ratios I get on my own skill. What's the point? I'm guessing you have no friends, because that would be the most pointless and boring private match ever if everyone had they're own "lag switch". You're gonna get caught, no question, and you'll be banned. Then mommy and daddy can get you another console.

When i switch the lag switch i lag myself. So i freeze instead of the enemy. Pls help!

you gave glitches to every one in the world
for black ops 2

nice tutorial despite what everyone is saying, I don't personally use lag switches/ standby buttons but your never gonna stop cheaters and lagswitching is the least of games problems people, what about the people with auto aim mods? those are worse than any lag switch.

Autoaim mods are no where near as frustrating as a lag switcher. At least you can kill an auto aimer. Lag switchers are impossible as fuck to kill unless you get lucky as fuck and shoot where they "teleport"

It's shit like this that ruins video games for people that actually play.

lol you are pretty dumb if you think a lag switcher is worse than a aim bot, who, by the way you cant kill if its set up fully and not half ass to at least look a little like a human, an aim bot can instantly turn and shoot you in the head no matter where you are and shoot through walls on cod and have no recoil and auto knife when at a certain distance and can see grenades through walls and it beeps when grenades/equipment is close only way you kill an aim bot is if hes out of ammo or its not set on full bot mode like some of them instead of the switching to people really fast thing make it so the bot actually turns its head so it looks more fluid

Lame ass modders. They ruin the fun for everyone. What are they going to do once all the legit people stop playing? These game companies aren't going to cater to the few. If everyone would stop playing due to lame ass skill-less kids using mods and cheats then they would be forced to do something if they want to have any hope of releasing a game that is going to sell. Spread the word. Modders and cheaters are destroying the games we love as well as the online gaming community.

I despise people like you.

You'rethat fucking wank you have to use a lag switch to get ur kills,cheating boosting wankers

I believe since its their account, its their problem. I have caught many lag switchers (2-3) and reported them, all have gotten banned.

I made a lag switch myself and I didn't make it so I can get skills, I play Soulcalibur V and I use it for spammers and Trolls, all they do is go to lower ranks rooms and laugh at begginers, well guess what! Spamming Troll matherfuckers days are over when I arrive, Play clean or get lagged the fuck out ;)

Trash like you should just fuck off and stop making guides that ruin games.

We should be able to legally & very publicly execute people like this lispy ass looser who made this video! Why would you want to cheat in the first place? Does it not take the challenge out of the game in the 1st place? I came here because this dude on ps3 network named "AMISHMIDGET" sent a text saying 'enjoy''and some how locked me out of black opps2 and now it has a slogan that says " network unavailable" i want to know how he did it and how to prevent it!! any one know what he did please email me at! I see that you guys hate this bull shit as much as i do!!!

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