How To: Make a Mario avatar on Xbox 360

Make a Mario avatar on Xbox 360

To make a Mario avatar begin by going to change my features. Under hair go to pate three of ten and select the middle one. For color, go to page two of three and pick the bottom middle one. For the eyes, he used the right middle one, but says that you can use really any one you like. As for eye color, again just choose whichever you like. For the eyebrows, go to page three of three and select the bottom middle one and color them brown. For the ears, use the first one available. For the noses, select the last one available which is the biggest one. For the moustache, use either the last one on the first page, or the top middle one on the last page (based on your preference) in a brown color. For the chin the middle one is used. For the smile the first one is used, but again can be changed based on preference. Make Mario as short as possible, as he is in the game. Now move onto the clothes. For his shirt, on page two of four, select the red striped shirt. Select a basic red cap and any kind of jeans for Mario. For shoes any type of brown shoe will do. No accessories like earrings, eye shadow, or watches are necessary. To finish the avatar, use the plain white gloves.

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