How To: Open a Xbox 360 HDD hard drive

Open a Xbox 360 HDD hard drive

Take apart a Xbox 360 hard drive to get it ready to hook up to the computer.
You can get the software and more info on how to mod a laptop hard drive to work in your Xbox 360 at

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so if you want can you upgrade to more than 120?

What i would like, is a way to connect a xbox360 HDD to a computer to copy music, videos or whatever that the xbox won't allow me to copy into directly with the console like you do with normal cds...
Or instead, a patch or something that i would put on my Pc external HDD and that would make my xbox "think" tha this regular usb external hard drive is the actual Xbox 360 hard drive.
Like i plug my usb hdd into the xbox and save xbox files into it like i do every time. Except that i have like 300Gb to save games.

way to mod cod waw ?

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