How To: Paint your XBox 360 console case with spraypaint

Paint your XBox 360 console case with spraypaint

Painting the console case of your XBox 360, or any other console for that matter, is a great way to customize you favorite toy. This video will show you how to paint a XBox 360 properly with spraypaint, including sanding, priming, and painting. Off-white is so boring, give your XBox some style for Pete's sake!

From the creator:
Step 1: Sand (120- grit)
Step 2: Prime
Step 3: Sand (120+ grit)
Step 4: Paint (if doing multiple coats, use 120+ grit sandpaper in between each coat)
Paint used in this video:
-Krylon Indooor/Outdoor Gloss, Pumpkin Orange
-Krylon Primer, White

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