How To: Pick hard locks in Fallout 3

Pick hard locks in Fallout 3

If you've been playing Fallout 3, you may have discovered that picking the locks in Fort Constantine is fairly difficult. Thankfully, this video clarifies how you can pick these locks without going through a bunch of bobby pins.

Lockpicking is really only about one thing: Tap the key to the screwdriver very very gently. You have to tap and release, THEN listen for the "tink". If you press and hold and wait for the tink, then you break the bobby pin.

Now, if you tapped and released and heard a tink, move the bobby pin. If you didn't hear a tink, tap and hold a bit longer. Increase the time you hold the screwdriver key as long as you dont hear the tinking sound.

With "easy" locks, you can move the bobby pin a long way each time and still get it right. As difficulty goes up, the "margin of error" on the sweet spot decreases, and you have to move the pin less each time. On the very hard lock, we are talking about millimeters.

So good luck, and remember: Tapping is the secret.

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