How To: Put Windows Media Center onto your Xbox 360

Put Windows Media Center onto your Xbox 360

With Windows Media Center, you will have the ability to watch videos, live TV, and listen to music on the XBOX 360 without having to use your computer. You'll need to have the following things: A PC equipped with Windows Media Center, your XBOX 360, and a fully functional high speed home network. On certain Windows 7 or Vista machines, Media Center is already included. (If not, it can be downloaded from Microsoft) A wired network is preferred for the best connection, although a wireless network could work as well. On an XBOX 360 without the recent update, find the "Media" tab and select "Windows Media Center". If you have updated your XBOX 360, you will want to go to "My XBOX", "System Settings", and select "Computers". In that menu, you will find "Windows Media Center". Select that and it will start to set up. You will be given a code to enter on your computer. Then, get on your computer. Depending on your OS, a small icon will automatically show up on the bottom right hand corner saying "Media Center Extender". If not, you can open Media Center on your computer and a prompt will ask to allow "Media Center Extender" to connect your computer to the XBOX 360. Either way, you want it to connect. Enter the set up key you have received earlier. You'll now have the option to use media folders and files on your XBOX 360.

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