How To: Rank up fast in Modern Warefare 2

Rank up fast in Modern Warefare 2

Mudtokens of YouTube found a way to quickly level up in Modern Warfare 2 and wants to share. His method of doing this is to get 12 of your friends into a ranked lobby, making it a full game. After this, you get one person from each team, who will be the one getting ranked up. For this to work, however, you need 2 load outs, both of which need to have One Man Army and Stopping power, one with a light machine gun, and the other with a riot shield. The two meet up in the game, and take turns blocking the others' light machine gun fire with the riot shield, switching between the two classes with one man army. He's worked out you get 2680 experience per cycle. Doing this for an entire game, and with the match bonus, you get a large amount of experience. Remember to thank him once you get to 10th prestige!

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