How To: Repair and replace the DVD drive in your XBox 360

Repair and replace the DVD drive in your XBox 360

In this how-to video, you will learn how to repair and replace an optical drive in an Xbox 360. This will be helpful if your current optical drive does not work anymore. Remove the drive from the actual Xbox. Also remove the chrome tray from the old drive. Take the screwdriver and remove the screws of the cover. Push the black tab, allowing the board to be removed fro the drive. Do the same with all the other cables. Now, do the same with the new drive. Replace the old board and reconnect the cables. Place the device back into the case and screw it in. Now, re-insert the chrome cover onto the lid and insert the drive back into the Xbox. Viewing this video will teach you how to properly replace a broken drive with a new one safely.

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