How To: Repair 'red ring of death' without towels or tricks

Repair 'red ring of death' without towels or tricks

This video is about repairing 3 Red Lights of Death Rrod X-Clamp Fix of XBox 360.The video begins with a warning saying that people need to careful while handling electronics and to use a proper size screw driver for the purpose and take it apart. Remove the old thermal paste and make use of come use of common goo removal stuff to clean the CPU and GPU. Finish the cleaning with alcohol to get shine on them. Make use of #8 washers from home depot and you can use smaller washers too. Put one washer on each corner and press them hard so that they would not come off. Now replace the stuff and if it does not work unclip the fan, turn it on and let it overheat. Again wait for twenty minutes and plug the fan back into position. This video is for those who want to repair their Xbox 360 accessories on their own.

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