How To: Repair your Xbox 360 'red ring of death' at home

Repair your Xbox 360 'red ring of death' at home

First of all you have to check the three red lights as shown because it indicates that the Xbox is broken and needs repair immediately. However if you open the Xbox the warranty is invalid and it takes six weeks to get it repaired. So go to eBay and buy the repair kit with printed manual for ten dollars. Remove the top and the bottom covers. It shall make a loud slap and it should be expected. Now use a key to unscrew the top cover and then remove it. Now remove the white color fan part. Now remove the fans and blow air through your mouth to clean any dirt. Now you have to remove the mother board. Now remove the heat sink. Now use the cleaner you got in the kit and clean the heat sink that has dirt glued over it. Now put the heat sink back. Now use a hair drier and arrange the two CDs as shown for protection. You have to over heat the 'gpu' but not overheat the 'cpu'. You can do it by switching on the system and running it for fifteen minutes, and at the same time blowing cool air from the hair blower on the 'cpu'. If you get two red lights open then you have to continue this process further. You may continue for four attempts. If this doesn't work then pack it in an envelope and send it to Microsoft for repair. That's it.

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