How To: Tell if you have a Jasper Xbox 360

Tell if you have a Jasper Xbox 360

Video game systems are always evolving, and smart gamers like to make sure they have the most recent one.
Recently, Microsoft started producing models with a new chip called Jasper, that houses a 65 nm CPU, which runs cooler and uses less power.
This model is not clearly labeled on the Xbox, however, and you need to know how to look for it.
If you are curious if your new Xbox is a Jasper model or not, have a look at this quick tutorial and find out how to check your box for clues. It is not hard to find out which model you have if you know what you are looking for.
So, until Microsoft offers the new chip for everyone, you will just have to hope you are one of the lucky users who gets one. It's like finding Willy Wonka's golden ticket.. in a gaming console.

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