How to Walkthrough Darksiders: Choking Grounds - Aerial Brawl

Choking Grounds - Aerial Brawl

Get ready for this Shadow Arena Challenge in the Choking Ground on the Xbox 360 game Darksiders. Meet the requirements of each portal to free the Tormented Gate so that you may proceed.

For the Aerial Brawl, you must defeat 5 enemies using aerial combos within the time limit (3:00). Here you'll need to knock enemies into the air and then kill them while they are still in the air. Hold the Attack button to uppercut them up and then follow through with some midair attacks. You may want to soften them up on the ground before sending them into the air to ensure a midair death. Ignore the Fleshburster if it appears because you cannot knock it into the air. Simply focus on killing five weaker enemies in the air as quickly as possible to end the match. For more info, watch the whole gameplay.

This is a Darksiders walkthrough for the Choking Grounds - Aerial Brawl.

Mahalo's Darksiders Walkthroughs are more than enough information for you to play the game yourself, and they teach you everything you need to be prepared. Find your way along the Darksider world with these videos, which help you move through the levels and solve all of the puzzles. This video focuses on the Choking Grounds - Aerial Brawl.

Darksiders by Vigil Games is an action-adventure video game inspired by the apocalypse and the battle of Armageddon from the Book or Revelation and playable on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 consoles. Darksiders casts players in the role of War, the first Horseman of the Apocalypse. Set in a post-apocalyptic future where demons and angels battle over the remains of Earth, Darksiders brings to life Joe Madureira's unique graphic novel art style. Darksiders combines intense combat, open world exploration, puzzle elements, and epic boss battles to deliver a thrilling next generation gaming experience.

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