News: 5 Month Retrospective of the Hacked Kinect

5 Month Retrospective of the Hacked Kinect

Nintendo's Wii Remote came close, but never has a video game peripheral garnered such adoration from the hacker community than the Kinect.

Since the release of Microsoft's controller-free gaming device last November, there has literally been thousands of fun and useful projects that took use of its RGB camera and depth sensitivity functions. And thanks to publicly available open source drivers, we've seen applications in robotics, x-ray vision and even full-body World of WarCraft gaming.

The Kinect is an inspiration and powerful tool to all developers, artists and researchers. This montage from jcl5m highlights some of the best uses of the Kinect's RGB camera and depth sensor from its first five months on the market. Also, check out our recent retrospective of the hacked Kinect for the history behind it all!

You can see the individual projects from the video below (in order of appearance).

1) Raw Depth
2) Body Inflation
3) PinBoard
4 & 5) Music Video

6) Be Your Own Souvenir
7 & 8) Motion Capture
9) Ball Pool
10) Human Tetris

11) Knocking Down Walls
12) Comic Book Effects

13) iPod Commercial
14) Puppet Show

15) Super Mario
16) Floor Piano
17) Line Dance
18) Evil Genius Simulator
19) Light Saber

20) DaVinci UI
21) Touchscreen UI
22) Multitouch on Any Surface
23) Anatomy Mirror
24) Turtle Bot

25) Autonomous Quad-copter
26) Humanoid Robot Teleoperation
27) Muscle Stimulation
28) Object Recognition

29) Assisting the Blind
30) Sign Language

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Photo by fo.ol


My favorite is the Ultraman Kinect

The ones where they used kinect as the desktop interface were also incredible, similar to the touchscreen UI.

I tried installing Kinect on my PC and it wasn't easy. Most guides out there have too many assumptions (like already having or knowing how to use a compiler), and their steps by steps only go so far. It would be nice to have a guide where they treated you as if you had a new system, then walk you through the files you need to download/install/compile.

yes... i would love to see a guide like that on WHT. Does anybody know anyone knowledgeable enough?

It might be better to wait for the beta SDK to come out and then do a guide on that. Currently what is out there to make it work is what people have done independently, but MS is coming out with the official software (the SDK) this spring ( ). It will let you create thing with it as long as it's for non commercial use.

Once this comes out we'll probably see another small explosion of Kinect PC apps from enthusiasts, but this time more people will be able to join in the fun.

Amazing stuff... keep it up world you are inspiring us all ! ! ! !

This would be useful in movie making

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