News: Exercise Daily (While Playing XBox 360)

Exercise Daily (While Playing XBox 360)

ProjectExciteBike is a device that harnesses the manpower pedaling speed of an exercise bike and in turn, converts the energy into a single control button on a gamepad (which would translate as the "gas pedal" for racing games). This particular project works with XBox 360, but can be adapted for other systems as well.

As ProjectExciteBike says, combining exercise with video games isn't a new concept, but this particular device does offer a few new benefits:

  • The device can attach itself to any normal or recumbent exercise bike.
  • It has has reasonably high fidelity when tracking the pedal.
  • It is open and can be built inexpensively.
  • It is powered by the wireless gamepads - no wires between the bike and the console/TV!

If you're feeling ambitious, Project Excite Bike has posted detailed build notes and the schematics+source. Demonstration videos below.

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