Eyes Officially Popped: The Future of Gaming Looks Awesome

The Future of Gaming Looks Awesome

Tune in! Below, an attendee of the Game Developers Conference 2011 captures footage of the new eye-popping visual effects in Epic Games' latest upgrade of their Unreal Engine 3, a "toolset used in blockbuster video games, 3D visualizations, digital films and more." If this is what the graphics looks like captured from an audience cell phone, well, one can only imagine what it would look like on your widescreen...

The demo, titled "Samaritan", ran on a custom-built PC system in real-time computer graphics (not pre-fabricated computer graphics). The newly upgraded engine—the brainchild of developer Alan Willard,creator of Unreal Tournament, Bulletstorm and Gears of War—took a 12-person team of programmers and artists approximately three months to build.


Here's a much clearer video posted by Unreal Engine-

SOURCE Unreal Engine VIA VentureBeat

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Im finding it hard to believe thats running in real time. Either the unreal engine is so amazing its process load is at a minimum, or that custom computer is beyond anything Ive ever seen.

I'd bet my money on the "custom-built PC" - most likely a billion-GPU setup that produces enough heat to cause global warming

Not unlikely, here is a video where they used liquid nitro to cool off their core. Insane setup.

i can definitely say that's the most amazing graphics I've ever seen!

The volumetric lighting, reflections, flares and shallow depth of field give this engine a very cinematic feeling.

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