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Forum Thread: How to Mod Games (.Gpd)

Hi, I am new to this community and I always wondered how people modded games such as call of duty 5 with usb (gamesave). So, few years back when I was playing on xbox 360, I really got interested in the subjet. Tried to find articles, but there was only tools that someone else did that would do the job for you! So, how do I do? Is it written in c/c++? Do I need to edit the gamesave using a hex editor? Thanks

Forum Thread: How to Find the Witch on Your Own or Ask the Residents of Midcopse About Her

Wandering in the Dark is part of the main quest in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. In the search for Ciri, Keira Metz tells Geralt of an elven mage who visited her. The mage had clues to Ciri's whereabouts, and invited the sorcresses to an old ruins site where more information could be discovered. When Geralt and Keira begin to explore the ruins, they discover that The Wild Hunt is on the same trail.

Forum Thread: Game Mod PC to Xbox 360

Okay.. to start, I am trying to add a herobrine mod to mincraft on my xbox. I am doing this through Horizon. Formated my usb to my xbox, have my gamer profile on it. I downloaded the mod i wanted from Planet Minecraft. I have a zipped file of the mod, i extracted the contents and put them in a compressed file, from there I am supposed to some how get the contents in the compressed file onto my gamer profile through Horizon. My profile is open on Horizon ready to go and I have no idea where or...

500+ Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Emblem Tutorials

CODPlayerCards has collected over 500 CoD Black Ops 2 emblems in their database. We have organized almost every emblem that has been uploaded on to YouTube in categories with an image of the final result. Learn how to make all your favorite sport team logos, superheros, pokemon, cartoon, anime, memes and more. There is a tutorial on how to do every single emblem. Above are a few examples. Black Ops 2 Emblems, Tutorials, Guides, Speed Art.

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