How To: Get ten yards quick with a go-to play in Madden NFL 08

Get ten yards quick with a go-to play in Madden NFL 08

To be the best at the Madden NFL video game, you have to be willing to get advice, but not just any old advice... professional advice. To beat everyone, you have to be ruthless and know all of the strategies and gameplay tricks. To master Madden 08, check out this quick, football game, video tip from Madden Nation (EA Sports and ESPN) with video game pro PG-13 (or Sheila Barger).

PG-13, when asked about the longest time she had ever played Madden NFL in one sitting, said "I sat for thirty-eight hours straight; no sleep, no food, just me and the game! It is a true addiction." Here she shows you some of the best plays in Madden NFL 08. She'll show you how to get a quick ten yards with a go-to play. If ten yards is all you need, sticking to the same go-to play just might be the trick.

Madden NFL games are available for the Nintendo Wii, Playstation 2, Playstation 3, PSP, Xbox, Xbox 360, mobile devices and PC.

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