How To: Get infinite caps and ammo in Fallout 3 for XBox 360

Get infinite caps and ammo in Fallout 3 for XBox 360

Keeping your supplies of caps and ammunition high in Fallout 3 is one of the game's biggest challenges. No more! This video will teach you how to use a glitch in the game's shopkeeping interface to attain unlimited caps, ammunition, and free item repairs. You should have no trouble beating this epic game after following these instructions.

From the creator (must-read!):

You must bring nothing with you, Just do the glitch with what ever the shop keeper has on hand. It works 100% of the time with a laser pistol, combat armor, and leather armor. Go to a shop keeper and look at there items. See if they have 2 laser pistols, or combat armor, or leather armor. Now buy the cheaper of the two same items. Sell back the one you bought, Buy back the cheap one again, sell it back, buy it again, sell it back. buy it again, sell it back, buy it again. That is all there is to it. This works 100% of the time.

This glitch will allow you to get an item repaired to 100% for free and it will also allow you to make free caps and ammo as long as you have no items and the shop keeper has two of the same item (same condition is not required).

1. Go to a shop keeper and trade with them

2. Make sure the shopkeeper has two of the same item (weapon, armor, helmets, clothing).

3. Buy the cheaper of the 2 same items (nothing happens the first few time)

4. Sell the same item back to shopkeeper and then buy it back again

5. When you buy the item back you will notice that for you, it is fully repaired. (If it is only partially repaired, repeat step 4 until it is fully repaired).

When the shop keeper runs out of caps, ammo or any other item you might want, Just hit the back button and wait 4 days (Right there in the Shop) and the shop keeper will now get all there items and caps back again. Repeat all the above steps all over again as many times as you like or need.

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