How to Walkthrough Darksiders: Drowned Pass - Wrath of War

Drowned Pass - Wrath of War

Chaos reigns in this Shadow Arena Challenge of the Drowned Pass on the Xbox 360 game Darksiders. You need to enter the Shadow Realm and defeat four portals to free Vulgrim.

For Wrath of War, you must kill 30 enemies using the destructive power of War's Chaos Form within the time limit (5:00). Transform into War's Chaos form by building up the Chaos Meter. This is done by killing enemies. Avoid performing Instant kills here as these don't help fill this meter. Once the meter is filled, transform into the Chaos Form and begin to hack your way through hordes of enemies. Only kills while in this form will count towards your goal. So be sure in between Chaos Forms that you are trying to refill the meter as fast as possible so you can transform once again. For more info, watch the whole gameplay.

This is a Darksiders walkthrough for the Drowned Pass - Wrath of War.

Mahalo's Darksiders Walkthroughs are more than enough information for you to play the game yourself, and they teach you everything you need to be prepared. Find your way along the Darksider world with these videos, which help you move through the levels and solve all of the puzzles. This video focuses on the Drowned Pass - Wrath of War.

Darksiders by Vigil Games is an action-adventure video game inspired by the apocalypse and the battle of Armageddon from the Book or Revelation and playable on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 consoles. Darksiders casts players in the role of War, the first Horseman of the Apocalypse. Set in a post-apocalyptic future where demons and angels battle over the remains of Earth, Darksiders brings to life Joe Madureira's unique graphic novel art style. Darksiders combines intense combat, open world exploration, puzzle elements, and epic boss battles to deliver a thrilling next generation gaming experience.

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