How To: Do every elevator on CoD4 and Modern Warfare2

Do every elevator on CoD4 and Modern Warfare2

In this tutorial, we learn how to do every elevator on CoD4 and Modern Warfare2. Once you get used to the technique you use it will be very easy to do on each different level. First, go find a spot where you cannot stand and go to a staircase. Line yourself up so you're straight with the wall, then go into crouch and don't move forward or backwards at all. Look to the right slightly, then move to the left until you can't stand up anymore. Then, move your right stick to the left slightly and then inch yourself slowly to the right. Keep doing this until you can stand up. Go back into crouch, then go back to the left again. The spot in between where you can and cannot stand up is where the elevator is. Do this each time and you will have the elevator throughout levels!

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