How To: Take apart the Xbox 360

Take apart the Xbox 360

If you've ever wondered how to safely disassemble your Microsoft XBox 360 gaming console for modification, Johnny McKinney of Console Discussions will walk you through the basics. All you need to get started are a T10 Torx screwdriver, a small flathead screwdriver, and an XBox 360 console. Johnny gives you a step-by-step tutorial of which screws to remove, and the order to remove them in. The first step is to remove the sides of the case, as well as the venting grills. After all of the side pieces are removed, you may then begin opening the console from the front by using your small headed screwdriver to snap open its latches. Before you continue, however, it should be noted that beyond this point you will be voiding your warranty! Finally, after the case is unlatched, you can cut the warranty sticker and open the case, revealing the internal hardware. Your XBox 360 is now capable of being modified.

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